Warlock Levelling

I did it. I couldn’t resist it. I couldn’t help it. I made a warlock. Another one. Another Warlock to join my Druid on this new server.

Druny the Human Warlock. Notice her posture, it is perfect. Druny was Truny’s former self before she was slaughtered at Lordaeron. Creepy.

*BAM* Level one, let’s do these starter zone quests!

Since Shadowbolt is such a mana waste, I would cast one on the wolves and dagger them to death.

No worries, come level 2 we get Corruption! Or is it 3? Whatever. Also, a quest to get our imp!

NOW levelling is no worries.

Druids level really slow. I still find it slow at level 21.

Warlocks are crazy.

Essentially I cast corruption on five or six mobs, and have my imp take on one whilst I happily dagger the rest away.

Usually my imp downs his mob faster than me and proceeds to help me at my target where I then switch to my next target.

Rinse and repeat, BAM BAM BAM level 6!

Corruption is your best friend, that is until you get Curse of Agony, which can help you kill ANOTHER two mobs at a time. For the mana cost it does the most damage compared to Shadowbolt and Immolate.

I left a starter mage bewildered as I downed an entire Kobold colony and just walked away like nothing happened.

I also really missed playing a Warlock!! Sorry druid, looks like the cycle is going to repeat itself, the Warlock will be financing your levelling. Don’t worry. It’s tried and true.

Druny the Truny Living

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