T9 Set Clicks

I had postponed one of my posts for a while because I had to resize images and whatever, and I think last month when I actually posted it back up, the in-clicks to my blog had increased dramatically.

How did you get in here?

Was it that you wanted a T9 Gear review? Because that is what most of my visitors are coming from now!

Well, sorry I have not taken this game seriously anymore, I mean..the bonuses are nice and all but we can get along fine just doing whatever right?

The funny thing is, that post was to say how HOLY UGLY most of the T9 were ESPECIALLY for Alliance. Right, they look like football players which I guess would appeal to American audiences?? I have no idea what they are interested in anymore.

From a Japanese perspective, we are so used to armor sets with 10 ft glowing wings of awesome, and multi-horned spiked helms and glowing diamond and jewel armors and giant massive extravagant weapons that yeah….enough said.

But just general design. I think the T9 is uglier than Northrend Gear in general no? Sure they have no color, but they don’t make you look like a bloated egg? What’s a bloated egg…?

Anyways yeah…so I know…I know how you got here!!


Ps* Oh so I just tried Googling “Wow T9 Review” and this site is the third link that shows up, I apologize, but you do get to see ….. get to know… the truth!

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