Turny the Bear Tank Updates

Sorry for the stream of posts but I would forget to do this otherwise.


Let us once again use our magical Bronze Dragonflight powers, and turn back time ohh say to July 2009.

Ooh la la, us non-part-of-a-raiding-guild-people, meaning ME had just taken a peek at the Emblem of Conquest vendor items and thought “Wow, how strong could this stuff be. It’d be nice to have a piece of this, if not just to be stronger, to have more power but have nothing to do with such power”.

Once again, my Druid was sitting at level 20ish at this time. Wait really? Maybe 40s, I couldn’t have gotten him to 80 so fast…hmm…anyways…

SO: Emblem of Conquests, I saved up 58 of these babies and bought a Chestguard of the Lost Vanquisher, or something like that.

Then, excited with this piece of purple word thing in his hot little paws, Turny goes and buys his T9 Feral Chest.

Whoa stop right there.

Not even his parents have TWO pieces of T8 Chests. Even though there is only one variety for Hunters and Warlocks….but…..but……I am so useful now!

I tried on this Chest, and it added a bit of Agility, and like 129 Stamina, since I was wearing some random blue chest, and some dodge which was nice.

However my emblem count went to 0 at that point and I missed them. So I returned the chest and TRIED to return the Armor Token as well and as I returned it all I got back was 5Gold.

Uhhh….oh….too bad looks like I’m keeping this after all.

So yes, Turny’ s Feral set has its first “higher level” item, which is that Chest!

Actually I lie.

I had the highest possible non-raiding gear already. The H ToC leathers. ALL of them. And Marrowstrike. Well…

(I should really try it out in action. On paper it looks good but….I could fail terribly and not taunt/create aggro/tank properly)

At least it’s one more “ewomfgwtfl2p blue gear” off my chest. Literally.

Ahh Blue Gears. I shall continue talking about it here as I am too lazy to start another post.

Sure you don’t need Epics. As long as an item is properly itemized you are good to go. Of course if the boss hits harder than the numbers your blues generated then you might need to upgrade. You know? Ya know?

But why?

And honestly, nowadays, epics aren’t so “epic”. They rain and shower us with them yet we all want that 1-2% betterment. Who doesn’t?

Prime Example: (Actually I have no idea what I’m talking about now)
In my healing form I was running with these Bracers. Was running the daily COS and they dropped and I realized they were better than the TOC (or wherever I got my old ones from) bracers.

Good job, that went well until I was scoping out the AH yesterday and for a measley 250G I saw under the Leather Section: This Bracer

Every single stat on it was higher than the old one. The overall average improvement in stats in the new bracers is 20%.

20% is a lot. But just for the bracers, for my character as a whole my spellpower went up by maybe 0.55% and my mana regen by maybe 1.5%.

So NOW, I can play 1% WORSE because the numbers in my new gear IMPROVE me, or I can play EVEN BETTER so that I can feel like my improvement is MORE than that 1%.

Yeah? See?

Of course it all adds up.

This makes sense, as when I first dinged 80 my Spellpower was a measley 1100. And sometimes my HoTs can’t keep up and they don’t do all the work for me. It was probably at the 1500 mark where they started to take over and I would run around EVEN MORE, and now at the 2200+ mark as I said before, we have FOUR dps.

The special case with those bracers, was that EVERY stat was an increase so the decision was effortless: “Buy now”

But when we lose an important stat, we begin to change our playstyles, even if you don’t realize it to accomodate for it. Think on that. Let’s say you traded your Crit stat completely for a Haste stat because along with the item, SP or AP had increased..hmm?


Turny the Whatever I Was Talking About Before

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