Solid Tanking – Redefined

Ok tanks, let’s just pretend for a second that I am healing you, yay!!

Ok! Well, since my Rejuvenation is MORE than enough to keep you alive I will also..just for insurance sake roll a Lifebloom, yes A lifebloom, any more than one stack is overkill on top of the existing Rejuvenation.

Good good. Uhh now I stand around.


*Poof* Where’d the tree go?

Oh it’s a kitty cat! With THREE buttons on his action bar: Faerie Fire, Swipe, and Rake (Or is it Rip? Err, it’s the one that does the initial Bleed, not the finisher).


Oh the Lifebloom has ended, and your health has not changed. That is ok, Rejuvenation still has about ten seconds left.

Things are now dead. Overheal, overheal, overheal, overheal.

Recount Damage Done for Last Fight:

DPS Person: 136,624 (2.842 dps)
DPS Person: 92,242 (2,634 dps)
Tank: 91,779 (2,140 dps)
DPS Person: 55,563 (1,204 dps) GTFO, no just kidding you just dinged 80. But work on it!
Turny: 2,536 (14.3 dps)


Heck everyone can be so solid nowadays, and with the upcoming changes, with no worries to defense cap and all that other mumbo jumbo…and with the Stamina redesign (Hmm a Warlock with 35k HP is enticing…..)…..who cares??

Turny the Restless Tree DPS

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