Why Invite Me For?

I did say more on it and more it is!

The rogue that kept inviting me to a party without a single word. He just kept sending the invite, the invitation window would disappear then he would send it again.

I thought by the second or third time he would actually want to whisper me and tell me where the hell we were going to go adventure yes? I mean, I really was only in LFG for two instances but it matters to know WHERE we were going still right?

I could have asked him “What are we running?”, but why should I?

If someone doesn’t even have the decency to tell you where they want to go play, why go play?

Was this person so leet and arrogant they didn’t feel the need to speak?

Now that I have stalked them, they are very Ulduar and above geared and would probably have pulled 5k dps with ease but still!

Be as strong as you want you will still DIE with no heals. End of story.

See, the invite button is RIGHT NEXT to the “Send Message” button. And is typing H VH…THREE FUCKING LETTERS so hard? Or if it was the other instance H COS…OH NO!!! FOUR LETTERS GOD FORBID!!

One could argue: You are in LFG, you know that you will get invites, why not just join, since you would have wanted to run those anyways?

Oh yeah? Then maybe, just maybe I would like to know WHICH instance we are doing, then maybe I can start making my way there and know if I am nearby or not? And there is also the chance that you are a level 5 inviting me to run you through something, or to perform my role in a dungeon that I did not want to run.

Seriously, maximum, four letters and a space.

The closest real world example I can think of currently is:

It is like calling someone and going “Ok, let’s go, I know you want to”.

Uhh, where? Vegas? New York City? The Mall? The Post Office? Does that work?

But no, calling involves words and speech and communication. Hmmm

I will be back.

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