Sarcastic or Not? Confused.

The daily yesterday was Violet Hold.

I joined LFG and immediate a rogue invites me to party without a word. I ignore it. The invitation fades and all is good but he invites me again. Ignore. Fade. Invite. Ignore. Fade.

Then someone else asks me with ACTUAL WORDS if I would like to heal the daily and I said sure and off we went.

That was an odd start to the evening. More on this later. Hello I am not even going to BOTHER asking “what the fuck are you inviting me for” anymore. If you don’t want to initiate conversation, fine.


I was really laggy through the run, due to my computer wanting to do something Annoying. But the run was fine as it is ONLY H VH, I mean I was dpsing kitten form while the tank was not taking any damage *cough*.

So, restart, install LONG updates, go take a shower come back. Computer is ready.

I log in to do the other daily oh actually for the Conquest Mark or whatever, but a friend asks if I want to heal Naxx 25?

Sure! The only “raid” I have healed was OS 10 and Naxx 25 is my next step right? Indeed!

Off we go, get group together and we venture off into the Spider Area.

Of course, some DPS go splat before I can get off a swiftmend, that seems normal.

But on the first boss, Anub’rekan (??? Right? I don’t pay attention to names??), we downed him smoothly no one died but all during the fight people were going:

“Wipe it”
“Who let this guy tank”

And some of us are really confused at this point, were they just being sarcastic that everyone was super over-geared anyways? But I was still confused. I looked around at that point, everyone was at 100% health, all the adds were being tanked fine (I think) and the boss went down smoothly. What was wrong? I don’t get it.


We didn’t finish anyways because…yeah long story and don’t want to type it.


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