Turny the Teddy Bear

I have decided.

Turny is going Bear, not Chicken.

I remember the good old days, tanking with only Maul. This was back in the level 20s.

Boy have things changed.

As I said before, I had purchased my feral skills absent mindedly while upgrading my resto skills, so when the time came to me needing to actually tank, I had no idea what each button did except for …maul and….swipe and bash. The end.

Frenzied Regeneration? Whoa it heals you off of rage, that could be useful. Berserk, where was Berserk on my list now that I think of it, I think it makes Maul have no cooldown? Oops, didn’t use it. Mangle? I thought only cats could Mangle, but Bears could mangle too, with a 4.5 second cooldown…odd. I like swipe!

Swipe, swipe, swipe. Maul is not “in use” click it, mangle off cooldown, use it.

Whoa slow down what’s going on?

Oh right.

So yesterday I joined a group to run some BC Heroics, and had offered to HEAL my way to the achievements. As the part was formed, 4/5 of us were in either leather or cloth, and only one level 78 warrior who did not really have a tanking spec. But that’s ok right?

No, they got squashed. Not as fast as the rest of us, but got squashed.

Dilemme, what do we need? Someone with a shield or a bear. *Looks at Turny*

I was in Feral Kitten Fight mode and …really with a click of the mouse I could be a bear.

But…my HP is crap. My glyphs are….ok I have glyph of STARFIRE OK?? I don’t really use Feral except for quests and it gets the job done, end of story.

Now I do have every single piece of leather for H ToC so technically my itemization is fine, save for some crappy trinkets and random blues from levelling, but my HP *with* the Priest buff was only 21k. Odd. My defense was only 400, and with my current armor, my mitigation was only at about 61% damage is mitigated….is that good or not? I don’t know, never read up on tanking or know anything about it save for those few times back in noob-world.

ANYWAYS, I say “I don’t think I can do this, but we could try”.

Pull, pull. I was healable. Didn’t really die. Didn’t really know what my buttons did. It was *learn hell-a-fast time*.

So on the next few pulls I just spammed Swipe and went into my spellbook looking for things that looked useful and there I found Mangle, and Frenzied Regen, (I couldn’t find Berserk, that completely passed my mind).

We did Heroic Blood Furnace, and Ramparts and it was OMGWTF?

Afterwards, I went back to Moonville and respecced for the tanking talents and now I shall be working on my gear-set.

It is time to practise. In ..normal UK! (Just to be safe)

Turny the Restless Teddy Bear

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