Healing Addons

This was a long time ago.

Truny was a freshly dinged level 80 Warlock, and all she wanted was an epic wand to make her Ranged Slot look 2% better. That’s all. This was back in the day before the emblem changes took place. I think. No maybe not. Who cares.

Heroic Azjol Nerub

We read that and laugh. “Heroic AN? That takes 15 min to finish”.

Sure it does.

On my very first toon, upon hitting 80 I did not run a lot of heroics, this was when I started to make my plethora of alts, who are now my mains.

Heroic dungeons were essentially the next step up to Naxxramas 25, no Ulduar or ToC yet.

We get together a group, and a rather epic pally healer joins us. He had GOOD gear. See, gear does not determine skill. Gear determines the raw NUMBER that your character can generate.

ANYWAYS, it is the last boss. Rather annoying. I forgot his name oh yeah Anub’arak. There’s heavily hitting poison, adds all over the damn place, aoe bug swarm, spike dodging.

Pretty simple, kill the little adds and focus on the elite adds.

For a healer, you would…err…keep up the tank’s health and cleanse poison no?

It was bad.

Very bad.

My perception of this instance had shifted this very moment.

We kept wiping and wiping because either the healer would die from the poison that the Venomancers shot, and while trying to keep himself up everyone else would have died.

Also when Anub’arak did his slammity smash thing. If it only hits the tank, a very well geared tank, this should be healed through or at least from normal healing the tank should be recovered no?

Wow my fried rice has bacon in it! Sorry am eating lunch and is surprised with the food contents! o.O anyways…

So the smash/slam was a minor inconvenience. It was the poison.

“My healbot isn’t working” complained our healer.

“Uhh…why not heal it like you know, normal?”

We just could NOT finish the run and bye bye group, bye bye rather odd healer.

I had no idea if this fight was difficult or not as I had never played as a healer healing heroics. Up till then I had two level 80 DPS toons. That’s it. If I had logged out and looked at my character screen, Turny my druid, would have been level 22, tanking and damage his way in H RFK.

This fight stuck with me ever since. Was it really that difficult to heal “normally” without these addons?

The answer is: No.

Zoom fast-forward time!!!

Roll some hots on everyone, TARGET the Venomancer to see who THEY are targetting and throw in a cleanse poison on their target and heal-pew-pew.

My only issue with this dungeon is that people do not seem to want to kill the little adds that like to nibble on Turny’s butt so I have to throw more HoTs on myself than I’d like to, but otherwise, no addons required. When poison hits, there’s a green icon, and analogous to many many other games, green debuffs are usually poison…..especially when the …poison spitting monster is…you know…spitting poison!

I DID download GRID the other day, because I know that the raid little window boxes that you pull out are insufficient, and apparently HEALBOT is not a robot that makes you heal automatically when someone takes damage……so…yeah….

Turny the RESTO DRUID!

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