Who am I Healing?

10 Mans.

I haven’t been on in a week, accounting midterms.

Obsidian Sanctum. Vault of Archavon.

Easy peasy?

As DPS yes. Just kill.

As a healer, with no real direction with repeated attempts at obtaining direction? Uhh, ok we’ll see what happens.

VOA: Wow, everyone ACTUALLY stayed out of the fire. I assumed I was on raid heals but I kept seeing our OT die, and eventually our MT would die.

Was I supposed to help heal? Do we really need two healers? Was the priest healing it just crazy, was I supposed to heal EVERYONE?

This is important to me as I am quite strategic. If I was on tank healing I would actually locate myself with the tanks, and with the DPS spread out some of them will have to get healing from the other healer (Whatever the hell they were doing)

If I were on raid, I’d place myself somewhere in the average middle of everyone so if fire spawns under me I can wild growth, hit some other people as well and walk away.

OS: We had three healers and someone had a name like “godlyhealsforu” so I assumed that they were the godliest healer and I’d be offheals. I couldn’t tell if they were a priest or pally, all blood elves look the same, same holy type of character, whatever.

It turns out I ended up healing the entire raid as well as our main tank as my natural reaction to start stacking those HOTs on the person taking the most damage came into play. It was interesting. The fire walls were easy peasy as Druids can continue to move while throwing out HoTs like Trick or Treat!

REMEMBER: A healer is there to replenish the HP you lose in splash damage, and temporary aggro damage. NOT TO HEAL YOU THROUGH CONSTANT DAMAGE IF YOU ARE NOT THE TANK! (Some exceptions may apply say to entire raid damage, which is handleable (is taht a word?))

Don’t be a hero! Unless it’s to sacrifice yourself to save the healers, that’s +5 points on my books!

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