Truby the Paladin – On Tanking

Yes, the secret is out, I am in the process of making a Pally Tank!

She started out under modest circumstances, the fact that I didn’t have a pally.

That was that. I left her at level 9 or so for a few months as I levelled Truny, then Turny.

Two dps at max level, then a healer at max level.

Uh oh, who to level now?

I could work on my Death Knight but….it’s just so…melee!

I could work on my Rogue, he is sitting comfortably at 45 but then…Turny is dual-specced for Kitty attacks and it is actually quite strong so going back to my rogue is just like….bleh.

The mage what about the mage.? Yeah what about the mage? She got one level, is at 13 now haha! (What happened to hitting 15 a month back??)

ANYWAYS, Truby the Paladin has picked up great speed. Nevermind how DIFFICULT it is to actually start a 4/5 person group at level 30 but once you find some competent peoples its DING DING DING DING for everyone!

First stop: RFK. Plow through that shit yeah.

Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard. This is just the lure, to get people near the Monastery, because we all know we’re doing the Library after and the Library is almost 50% of an exp bar at level 30!

Ding Ding. Level 31, 32. Are we high enough for Armory?

Well, one person was high enough…so we went! And cleared it no deaths or wipes! I gotta love Hand of Reckoning and Consecration! Except when the former misses.

So this isn’t really a post on tanking but whatever!

Now is it just me or are there less incompetent players roaming about at the lowbie levels?

Yes I noticed that more or less everyone in the party had BOA gear all up to their hoo-ha’s but in general there seems to be fewer and fewer “these people are the CORE of Fail-PUG stories” people.

Even when Turny is healing Heroic Whatevers, everyone seems to be quite good at their classes nowadays and…I am getting distressed by this!

Anyways…..lost train of thought again, BYE!

Truby the Pally!

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