Um, can you guys please stay out of the Whirlwind?

I am not going to heal you if you keep running into the whirlwind.

You know, the natural implications that a whirlwind may suck you to its centre may be a probable reason as to why you are not physically pressing your keyboard buttons to move away from it, but please..stay out of the whirlwind.

You died once to it, I am sure you saw my swirly green swirly swirls hit you then KABAM before Swiftmend, yes Swiftmend, my INSTANT heal can hit, you are dead, you would realize that maybe that attack should not be healed through. Especially when there are other melee players in the team.

My job is to keep the tank alive. Who happened to move away from the whirlwind. Hmm, I wonder why?

So when you run back in and die to it again. Um.

Turny the Restless Tree

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