Feral Druid DPS

If only it was fun.

Don’t get me wrong, seeing Ferocious bite crits for 0ver 10k or seeing Rips crit for 3k is quite satisfying and having to use Energy instead of mana gives me unlimited attacking power but…. umm…


It’s not as fun as a Warlock.

I like healing as well. You get to jump and waddle around (unless the mobs do whirlwinds or other similar effects) and reverse-pew-pew and dont’ have to worry about being at the top of the Recount List. All that matters is no one dies. Or at the least the tank and yourself and your favourite DPS stays alive.

I have inadvertantly collecting a slew of Feral Kitten DPS gear for Turny while healing. Stuff no one needed, yeah I tended to be in party with all plate wearers. Some pretty good stuff, I think I have all the leather from H TOC and the only things that haven’t been replaced are rings and trinkets which I think I am still using random green ones. The gear I have accumulated are not even fully gemmed and enchanted.

I repeat: The gear I have accumulated are not even fully gemmed and enchanted.

Something is wrong here.

See, I tend to gem and enchant EVERYTHING.

Regardless if I knew I would replace it in the next instance. It didn’t matter. I hated having empty sockets and well..non-enchanted gear. I felt like a hobo.

What’s wrong with spending a few hundred gold to better your stats by …2%? You want to be at full efficiency at all time, regardless of what you’re wearing.

Anyways I am straying off topic.

So right, my feral gear. I did gem them. My DK JC slave churns out gems daily and just throws them in the vault.

But if only the Druid’s DPS tree were to be…..a Destruction Warlock!

Screw class balance implications, if I were ever to consider that…half my posts would not be in existence.

Think about it, while using Healing Leather, I’d get to roll on DPS Leather.

Oh wait, what the hell! This can happen!

What if I tried BOOMKIN. One. Last. Time”

I think I respecced to it back at level 40ish and HATED it.

Roots? WTF? Just kill! This takes way too long!

Green balls of “Wrath”.

Uhh…I heal with those green things!

Everytime I cast wrath I can see myself going “rawr check this out LMAO”

Though Moonfire is cool its like “KABOOM FROM HEAVEN” and Starfall, I have never used it but it looks pretty cool with glittery pew pew all over the place I shall see!

I guess with all my spellpower gear NOW I should retry Boomkin.

Though what I have tended to see are Boomkins in ilvl 232+ gear doing the same DPS as my ilvl 219 (average) Warlock. I will have to see.

Turny the Owl???

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