Do you have a "solid" tank?

Upon engaging battle I tend to throw on a Rejuvenation, and a single Lifebloom on the tank. And wait.

Usually with a fairly “solid” tank, I guess this is one with good mitigation, defense, block, or whatever the hell you people use, will only see a tiny dent in their health bar, only to be recovered from the next tick of Rejuvenation.

In other words, on the first pull I can usually gauge how smooth the run is going to be, regardless how high/low the dps is. High and not pulling aggro is preferred, thanks!

Sometimes, their HP will just plummet to 50% and I think “fuck”, Swiftmend. Maybe they missed some button press who knows, but if after this one Swiftmend their HP does not get recovered by the HoT’s and I need to either Regrowth or Nourish, we’re in trouble.

You’re not that solid yet. And due to this I now must use my brain to heal a bit harder, so that my mana pool might drop down from 98% to 88% (haha yeah right). We could get through most runs just fine, but usually when one’s HP drops so fast they are probably not good at holding aggro.

Just an observation but that’s how its been. The tank’s HP will drop, then the Melee dps are all dying, then the ranged. And because the tank is not so solid it makes it look like my heals can not catch up, and of course when people are one shotted, it is quite hard to heal 0%!

This is of course from the perspective of a Resto Druid. I am not sure if any priests out there have noticed as well since you guys have a shield that will absorb some of that plummetting if not for a little while.

So here’s what Turny has been using as a gauge to tank’s going into Heroics.

Solid: One rejuv and one lifebloom is completely overheal. Great. These runs are actually kind of boring for the healer but then again….good tanking! You are probably a paladin or warrior!

Ok-Solid: One rejuv and one lifebloom still has a larger, though slightly, dent than the above. Still good. I like these runs, you are not OP but very good. This can be any class!

Medium-Rare I mean Solid: One rejuv and two stacks of lifebloom. This is actually still very good as the change from the two above classes are marginal but noticeable. I am detailed. And because my Healing Role is quite repetitive I tend to notice these things.

Average: Average is what is considred “not Solid”, this is when I MIGHT have to Swiftmend that initial rejuv, or throw on the full stack of lifeblooms. Usually a freshly dinged 80 switching from DPS to Tanking. Still healable, makes the run that much more interesting. This is where the line is drawn.

Not So Good: Tank goes *splat*. These are the tanks where…..maybe they shouldn’t tank….really. It makes the healer look bad since they usually can not hold aggro and everyone is taking damage and while trying to keep the squishy tank up, the dps are not getting enough heals. I mean, not that I am lazy to heal MORE, but….these are tanks that take damage as fast as if they were in DPS mode!

In Conclusion: If you have to spam Nourish or Regrowth on your tank, they might be having some issues. (Unless you ONLY use those spells which….err….why are you a druid again?)

I don’t know if I will be playing long enough to level my tank to 80, she is only 28 and have been tanking the lowbie instances easily. Consecrate is your best friend.

Turny the Restless Tree

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