Turny the Restless Tree – Ridiculous Demands

After fearing the Argent Confessor Paletress fight for weeks, Turny is now at a point where just throwing out all his HoTs on everyone and spamming Wild Growth is easy peasy cake!

I had also fulfilled one of my dreams this weekend, and that was to Heal Through Loken’s Lightning Nova. Ok well not really a dream, but back when Turby was 80 and NO ONE was in Ulduar gear or heck even Naxxramas gear, before the time when epics rained out of the sky, I always had respect for a healer that could heal through the 14k-entire-party-damage when Loken casted his Nova on heroic mode.

When I first read up on this fight I thought “oh god, where do I run and what if I don’t run far enough and oh my god he has a dot? What the heck?”

But no, Turny now just preHoTs everyone with Lifebloom, timed to when he cast his Nova (I kind of have a feel for when he casts it now having murdered him over 100 times), and rejuv on everyone, and again when no one is moving (YAY), Wild Growth! All I do is use Nourish or swiftmend to pad up the squishies and he dies in about 40 seconds.

ANYWAYS, Turny now has some ridiculous demands which shall be implemented for Resto Druids everywhere!

1. Druids should be able to wear plate. Ever been in a situation where six, seven….twelve mobs ran loose and are beating on you? And after about….15 seconds you die because you are bored of healing through it? Well that sucks! They should just do no damage to begin with and why can’t a tree tank and heal themselves at the same time?

2. Tranquility is a passive aura. It is active at all times. Forget about the threat, we have plate!

3. Rejuvenation ticks every second.

4. Druids should get a pet. We are one with nature, why not give us some Treant pets? Yeah, the giant ass ones! Dks wear plate and have a pet…jeez…

5. The Druid talent trees have been reworked to: Restoration, Destruction, Survival. Note there is no “tanking” tree as we can naturally tank in all trees.

6. Druids gain the abilities: Purge Magic, Cleanse Disease. Why not?

7. All of your healing spells cast that shield thing that priests cast. Yeah that’s right! And they leave (another) HoT on the target, yeah take that shammies.

8. When your living seed is activated (the tank gets hit), all enemies get exploded by shadow damage just like Seed of Corruption. Mmmm!

9. Your healing spells act as damaging spells when cast on enemies, and your HoTs are able to crit. Think of it like using Holy spells on undead enemies in Final Fantasy. (Rebirth = instant kill, not useable on bosses). Wow now that I think of it Tranquility………..

Ok that’s all for now this is getting a bit OP (DUH)

Turny the Restless Tree

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