Feral Druid DPS – I Take it Back


Because yesterday, I was invited to heal the daily Heroic. Draktharon Keep. Yay, the last boss fight is so randomly weird that even as a healer I can Wrath and Moonfire it when I please.

We form the group and one of our paladins want to try healing as this was his offspec so I reluctantly (though not noticeably) switch into Kitty Cat Scratch mode and off we go.

Oh god.

We finished the instance smoothly because EVERYONE ELSE was doing fine.

Turny ended the instance doing 1300 dps.


/Disapproving Nod From My DPS Mains

I am those people that I hate! Geared but can’t do shit if their lives depended on it! Nooo!

I was not slacking I was pushing all my buttons keeping my roars and bleeds and mangles up and what not!

I could not keep up! I did not even have any AOE spells!


That was when I realized….I probably had not upgraded my Feral Talents in a LONG time.

I would visit the Druid Trainer every once in a while when I knew that the Restoration Tree had another goodie up for sale while I was levelling, like a better Rejuv (yums!) or the next rank of Regrowth (Grow Baby Grow!), but I don’t recall upgrading my Feral skills much. Unless they looked or sounded interesting.

So off I go to Thunder Bluff.

Oh my god what the hell?

Lo and Behold:

1.Shred was three ranks behind.
2. Mangle was a rank behind, what the hell is this new??.
3. Rip was a rank behind, where’d this come from??.
4. Rake was a rank behind, really?? The crittable bleed??.
5. I had not even trained for Swipe (Cat). What the hell is this?? Is this new? An AOE swipe that works like BEAR SWIPE OMFG?! When do we learn this?? OMG I have a talent that increases Swipe damage AND reduces its energy?? What the heck? Essentially that was what was going on in my mind alongside being boggled how I missed so many ranks of essential skills o.O

Ok I’m back and apparently, we get this at level 71 T___T…what was I doing during those nine levels to 80??

Healing, and levelling…WITHOUT swipe.


In my own defense all our skills sound the freaking same, though not on the same intensity as Paladin skills….swipe, slash, rip, claw, rake, mangle, scratch, bite, shred, drill, peck.

SO, I shall retain Feral Armaments, forget about respeccing into Moonkin (thank goodness), and try to test out this “new found” ability and see how it goes!

Perhaps….just perhaps, Turny may be my first Melee Class =O

Turny the Omgicantbelieveimissedsomanytalentsandwasbeingsuckyallthistimethinkingferaldpssucked Druid

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