The Warlock Equivalent

I had mentioned many times before how similar the button styles of a Resto Druid and a Destruction Warlock were, but there are some spells possessed by these classes that the other does not have an equivalent spell for.

Ie, Rejuv is Curse of Agony, Immolate is Regrowth and etc.

The mechanics work more or less the same, with a number, and numbers over time, only one is pew pew and the other is un-pew pew.

Some spells Warlocks may be interested in are:

Lifebloom >> Deathbloom

Works like Lifebloom, can stack up to three times and and the bloom can crit, all while dealing shadow damage. Forget about PVP implications! Go away!

Wild Growth >> Deathmist

This is what our T2 armor was named after! Works like Wild Growth, targetting five enemies and does decreasing shadow damage per tick for seven seconds. All party members are healed for 2% of the damage done per tick. Yeah Warlock heals!

Tranquility >> Cataclysm

I know we have a talent called that, but hey the expansion is called Cataclysm might as well! Does massive fire and shadow damage to all enemies near you. This is the ultimate AoE spell and of course being Warlocks the ticks can crit for over 10k, use at your own risk.

Shapeshift >> Metamorphosis

Uh huh, but PERMANENT, with its own talent tree. Hey wait that’s a good idea, how about with the Demonology tree, instead of boosting our demons, we ARE the demon from the start, (though the ability will have to be kept down low in the tree) and we go from there? Whatever.

Flight Form >> Demon Flight Form

Ok I am shifting off topic, since the last two are useable by all druids as well.

That’s all for now!

Truny the Warlock

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