DPS’ers are Important!

Turny my Resto Tree has been in the spot light lately, and up until I got into healing heroics trying to PUG groups that I realized that: Not only is a good tank important, good dps is also very important as well.

From a DPS toon perspective, all other Damagers are just fighting for a spot (yes, not YOUR spot, A spot) to help kill things and receive some emblems and loot. Essentially that is what it is. Though I would have to say when I am on my Warlock I just like to burn things to the ground and…kill things..so..er..

But as a healer, especially one that is just gearing up (I now have EVERY single leather piece from regular ToC for Kitty and Tree form LMAO), and for a healer that is paranoid that the tank is a squishy-tank, having some high DPS really puts the strain off of ALL fights.

Now I am not saying that the ultimate highest DPS is desirable, it is only if the person knows how to control their threat levels relative to the tank’s.

I do not know how DPS Warriors or DPS Shamans work, but they must have an ability or talent which makes them randomly take damage ALL the time while attacking, MORE than everyone else? Death Knights too sometimes….it’s weird.

Then there’s the trade-off, sure if you are doing 2500 dps and accidentally pull threat and stop doing so, I am more than glad to swiftmend the green stuff on you!

On other topics, I need a rematch on Paletress.

Seriously, the Black Knight, Phase 3.

One person is “Marked for Death”, ok whatever. Just rejuv and swiftmend them.

Keep lifebloom up on everyone, and rejuvenation while you’re at it, keep an eye on the tank and the person marked for death. Wild Growth when it’s off cooldown. Easy peasy.

Because….it is predictable, and the damage is constant, while my heals are constant. Yes yes.

Paletress is: Random 6k 6k 6k, then the monster does some debuff, and or aoe, and or something, and then some sort of fear that does damage, and while you are being feared you are getting smited and the shadow is now casting some other spell which all sounds the same.

I am tempted to get that boss mod just for this fight so I know who is casting what, though maybe I should read up on what the hell these abilities are. Well I did read up on these abilities, but like Paladin abilities, they all sound the same and I can not be bothered to study.

Shadows of the Past: I don’t remember.
Something Nightmare: That is the fear.
Something else that does damage: It does damage…..
Holy Smite: I hate you.
Is there another one: I think so, and it is like a DoT?

Turny the Restless Tree

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