Turby the Hunter on Trial of the Champion Upgrades – True-aim Longrifle vs Drake Mounted Crossbow

As of yesterday, Turby will no longer receive any more of the crazy upgrades from the Heroic Trial of the Champion. The shower of epics is over.

It was a good group, great tank, awesome healer, dope damage per seconders. Also, having ran this both on Turby and Truny (as it was the daily), we both got the easy boss, Eadric the Pure.

It was on Eadric the Pure, a necklace I had never seen before dropped, and was the only one who wanted to use it: The Ancient Pendant of Arathor. Cool, it was a nice upgrade from the Heroic Badge necklace that everyone used to have. Good job!

The Black Knight went down like a piece of tissue in a toilet bowl, and lo and behold guess what FINALLY drops? Uh huh! The stupid gun! The True-aim Longrifle!

Now let us compare the change in stats and damage from the Drake Mounted Crossbow. Please note I am using the Engineering ammunition, Saronite Razorheads and Mammoth Cutters (everyone should to maximize damage right?)

Let’s compare the total change in all the stats we see here:

Strength: +0
Agility: +5 Whoohoo!
Stamina: +38 OMG!
Intellect: +0
Spirit: +0
Armor: +10 Hell yeah!

Damage: +104-224 min/max damage, that’s very good!
Average Damage: From 1549 to 1713! An almost 11% increase in overall damage. Wow.
Speed: -0.16 seconds. NOO I am slow!!
Power: +2 attack power. Hells yeah!!
Hit: +0, my hit is low isn’t it?
Crit Chance: -0.51% GRR, its ok, in battle my Crit Chance usually soars up to 50% anyways!

Until next time!

Turby the Hunter

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