Turby the Hunter on Reins of the Green Proto-Drake

Tuesday. Seven days ago I had purchased one of them Mysterious Eggs from our scaly friends in Scholozar Basin. It had been a while since I had made the long and tedious flight to Scholozar, probably two months since I had last purchased an egg.

So remembering I had purchased an egg I log in to open it to receive the usual, Tickbird, egg-meat, blah. I start running from the spot I logged in at, which was behind the counter in one of the shops (don’t ask), and click open the egg while heading to Krasus Landing to go and buy another egg.

The loot window pops up and it says “something Proto Drake” and I thought “well, at least I got the little pet this time”, but wait….the pet shouldn’t have purple text!

So there! The end.

Turby the OMG Finally One More Thing To Not Have To Do Hunter

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