Truny the Warlock on Koralon the Flame Watcher

Just last week I discovered that Koralon the Flame Watcher had finally been implemented and was itching to see just how -easy- he was.

Now, this fight is the ultimate STAY OUT OF THE FIRE fight. Good on you Blizzard, you know that some people don’t do the longer raids but will sometimes go into VOA for their weekly lotto. This gives more people exposure to a hardcore Stay Out of the Bad Stuff fight.

Why stay out of the fire? It seems to tick for 3k a second and if Koralon just happens to do his Fire Spin attack (it’s not really called that but you’ll see) you are dead. Burnt. Dead.

Now for my first time in there….everything looked like fire! My own attacks are fire what the hell so confusing! Within thirty seconds into the fight I was down. I realized too late I was standing in a patch of fire, and that it wasn’t my own attack. Sometimes, his fire spin will mask the fire on the ground too so be wary. I looked around for a while and realized this fire looks like a bunch of Maple Leaves. Ok got it.

It was a wipe anyways, too many people in fires. Probably with the same problem I had, not expecting what the fire looked like and what its spawn patterns were.

Second time around, much better I learned to stay on the outer ring where the ground was a dark colour, enabling the fire to contrast much better. Somehow, our healers burned to the ground and again it was a wipe, though we did much better than the first attempt.

Third try, more people are getting the hang of it you could feel it. Koralon was now tanked along the outer ring while the dps just circled behind him in the outer ring again staying out of the fires. (The middle area is just like The Freaking Halls of Stone Boss Where It’s All Shiny!) Stay out of it as its so bright you may not see the fire.

We were real close to downing him but one of Koralon’s later Fire Spins took out half the raid, it hits hard and must be healed through I guess. And once again, remember that when he casts that it may cover up the fire on the ground so pay attention. Another wipe.

People were dropping. But we were “progressing”, everyone was improving and honing their strategies. Its ok we found replacements and re-attempted.

Fourth try. I found that just staying in range, casting my rotation by memory (its more or less the same, just look up to check Immolate), and Staring at the Ground while circling Koralon was quite successful. Priority 1 is to STAY OUT OF FIRE. We get him down to about 500k and another Fire Spin takes out three quarters of the raid, luckily there seemed to be enough people alive to take him down and there you go!

Any loot? Yes! PvP Warlock Pants. Though the spellpower on them were massive (for ilvl 251? gear haha), I refused to roll on it just because!

We then went and destroyed Emalon and the other one oh Archavon without even blinking (duh).

So the takeaway: Stay out of the Fire. Then DPS as hard as you can while circling. Move move move!

Truny the Warlock

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