Turny the Restless Tree on Being 76!

Turny the Resto Druid is essentially the spoiled child of my mains. If he wants some relic gear, his parents will go pew pew some heroics and voila, an extra 20% exp forever. If he needs enchants, Turby is already on it. Tailoring? Truny’s got it covered. Need some gems? Klupty the jewelcrafting-slave is stationed in the Dalaran Jewelery store just for this purpose (poor thing he will never level past 73 at this rate). Need to fly at an early age in Dalaran? No problem, mother Truny is more than happy to spend a thousand gold pieces to get that tome of flight!

Turny also needs to get “geared up” for heroics pretty soon, at this rate he will be 80 within two weeks. I am not sure if everyone else has noticed this but ever since the last patch, BOE BLUE gear has been dropping faster than Roman Pidgeon Doo-doo than ever and both Turby and Truny have collected half a vault of random blues!

Anyways, Turny had been healing Violet Hold, Drak’Tharon Keep, and some Old Kingdom this weekend and jumped from 74 to 76! His favourite spell “Rejuvs! I reject” gained a new rank and ticks for over 1k which is quite exciting!

With Talents, I have been just plugging talents into random places that seem useful now, for both Turny’s Resto and Feral specs. I mean, sure I can reduce some threat or reduce some mana cost (but why?) or increase my healing touch potency (which I use maybe once in three runs), but really….most of the useful talents have been filled up!

So what was I talking about? I am not sure I am too hungry to care hence this post is quite unfocused. But…yes, maybe I will try to heal a Halls of Stone tonight (just whatever new things I see in the LFG panel)

Turny the Restless Tree

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