Turby and Truny are Crit Whores

You know, whenever Kill Shot fires off those big crits…I feel like a Warlock. However, look at my weak-ass auto-shot. I reckon with a new gun *cough* this would go up by a few hundred which is quite significant actually! So in lieu of my last post saying the upgrade was marginal, it is not. Which means more loot buffet dining for Turby! It would mean having to use a gun (boo), and losing the err…1% damage bonus for being a troll for bows?

However, Truny can fire off multiple huge crits! I believe one was Conflagrate, as the bosses are immune to the movement slowing effect and the second one must be either Chaos Bolt or Incinerate (duhh!)

Ohh ohh here’s a good example of the Poison from the Rogue boss! STAY THE HELL OUT OF IT!

Yeah so my toons are CRIT-WHORES, sue me. And guess which is the only instance I have been running lately? D=

Turby and Truny still Proving Their Worth in the Trial of Champions

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