Druny the Mage – Progress

How is Druny the Mage you ask? Well err….as you can see here she is fully decked in her Lame BoA gear ready to take on the beasts of Tirisfal Glades as a freshly dinged Level 10! The 20% bonus exp got her three levels farther than my last mage before I got bored, may he rest in piece I mean peace in Durotar.

Here she is, showing off her Frost Nova! “Watch out undead guy I freeze your ankles off!”

Yeah Arcane Missiles! I know they use a lot of mana but hitting three times with shards of purpleness may just be the thing to keep Druny going!

They have been hitting for 25 damage each, sometimes critting (omg) for 39 damage WOOT! Though this spell takes out probably a third of my mana bar and can be shortened when hit.

Druny and her tiny-ass Imp Fireball. Enough said. After getting used to a Warlocks crazy destructive fire, Druny does not really use this spell a lot…

Also, I still have not decided where to spend Druny’s first talent point and will see how long I can hold off talentless (probably till late 20s realistically speaking since Turny healed with Feral spec…hmm…)

Take that Tirisfal Bat, I melee you down!

Hey a little bit of free healing when Crusader procs is not bad, plus it beats sitting to drink and gives me something to do.

That’s the extent of the levelling Druny got for today, in creating these screenshots..so…..she will hit 15 tomorrow, or at least I will try for level 12!

Druny the Mage

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