Truny the Warlock on Sartharion’s Bag

If you’ve ever walked up to a freshly murdered Dragon, you will be glad to find a perfectly tailored bag made out of their own skin. Who knew that Dragons were so resourceful, using their own body parts to carry things around?

Anyways, after a VERY fast Heroic Utgarde Keep and Utgarde Pinnacle run, our tank stated that he was going to start an Obsidian Sanctum 25 PUG and asked if we were interested.

I just then realized that Truny did not have the achievement for this place and agreed to join! Now compared to when Turby ran it, our group was insanely fast, consisting 50% Paladins and Death Knights. I don’t even think we had to do the “jump into a portal and kill shit” thing. We just rolled over everything and downed Sartharion like nothing.

And there we go, Truny won the roll to a new bag to carry all her random junks.

What’s in your bag?

I use my main backpack, for the most current items that I have. It is a LIFO process. (Last in First out).

Well, we have Sartharion’s skin bag. A firestone for some critting. A soul stone which I did not have to use from the smooth run. A rune from some Icecrown quest I did not bother finishing. A lance for running H ToC, trash cloth worth 50 silver, some gears from some quest in Storm Peaks I am not bothering to finish anytime soon, Giant Eggs from doing the “collect 30 boomkin bloods” for the Warlock mount quest, and some torch from….somewhere..probably a quest I am not going to finish anytime soon.

The end.

Truny the Warlock

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