WoW T9 Gear Set – A Review and Comments

To the left, we have a picture of the Warlock’s T9 set-Horde side.

Take a look at it, carefully. Yeah, I bet you are loving the iron mask, and the steel shoulder plates! It looks like the bracers and chest-guard are reinforced with boiled leather as well.

I am excited, does this mean Warlocks finally get to wear Plate??? How would you make cloth stand up like that I wonder?

Now let’s take a look at all the T9 sets:

Very interesting. If you can not see, starting from the top row left to right. Warrior, Paladin, DK, Rogue, Druid, Priest, mage, Warlock, Shaman, Hunter.

Notice how all the plate is the same model, all the leather is the same model, and same with the cloth and mail?

How creative! At least they did not use all browns!

I mean, the design IS pretty bad-ass but when you look at all of them, they all have the same theme: large-ish spaulders with a bad-ass type of helm!

Now I had seen these pics a while back and something had bugged me ever since and I just realized what it was.


Don’t they all look like they could be plate? Every single item maybe other than the cloth robes could be used interchangeably! (Practically speaking what defense would a pair of CLOTH spaulders bring huh?)



The plate reminds me of the feeling I get when I walk by the Old Navy and wonder to myself “what the hell do they sell in there?” And what’s with the three spot lights, god they are so bright!

The Rogue and Druid are OK save for the Bird-Beak noses. If I was a member of the Scourge I would be on the floor laughing if someone dressed as an oversized chicken were to attack me, no matter how savagely.

Clothies. Oh. My. God. I am so sorry. I do not know why but just seeing the cloth sets make me want to apologize for something. They look like over-wrapped, immobilized Easter Egg Statues!? Again if I were the Scourge and a Human Warlock were to start attacking me I think I would die from going *squints* “What the f- is that? Hey Joe-zombie come over…come see this holy crap hahahahaha!!”

The Mail wearers. These sets are actually made of wood. They look like extremely dated, poorly painted old furniture that no one wanted and ended up in some pawn shop only to be discovered fifty years later.

I am so sorry!

Turby and Truny and Turny who are HORDE!

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