Where’s my Lifetap?

Anyone who has a Warlock and have played any other class would already know what I am talking about.

Ever instinctively push your Lifetap key while on your:

a) …Resto Druid, and forget that your mana regen is godly already? Guilty.

b) …Hunter, instead of using Aspect of the Viper? Guilty. (I did however, bind my Viper key to the same key as Lifetap..)

c) …Mage, instead of sitting down and drinking, hence wasting 30 seconds of your life every one minute? Guilty.

d) …Second Warlock and err that is the correct thing to do. Guilty.

e) …Death Knight or Rogue and realize “oh my god I should log off now…”

Truny the Lifetapper

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