Truny the Warlock on Mages – Disposing Dispositions

Why did I choose to play a Warlock and not a Mage? Was it because of the shadow damage? Or was it because of the Demons? Because Warlocks are supposed to be more “evil”?

I think so!

I mean come on, people make Mages sound malevolent and crazy with their fire spells but…it just doesn’t cut it for me.

To me, Mages feel too Hocus-Pocus.

“Oh ‘abracadabra I create a fireball, Shazam, a larger fireball which I shall call Pyroblast.”

Whereas a Warlock gets spells called Incinerate, Immolate, Conflagrate. There’s action tied to these names, they have intent. To kill.

Am I just a weird person with murderous intent? Maybe…

But anyhow, I had created a mage a while ago and got him up to level 8 before I got tired of having to drink after every fight and deleted him. Rest in peace whatever your name was. Oh yes it was Bran. After Brandon Stark.

What was with this downtime? Where’s your lifetap?

A few month’s after Bran’s death, I decided to (yes I did Mihael) give Mages another shot since they are obviously quite strong at end-game. I thought..well if they could match damage with Truny….fine, my Shaman can die and I shall remake a mage.

And then Druny was born. To help with the downtime, I equipped her with Runy’s relic sword, enchanted with the Crusader powers. Yes, I shall cast AND melee until a reasonable level to save downtime. And it worked. I also purchased the relic chestpiece to go with the shoulderpads for 20% bonus exp and lo-and-behold Druny is already level 11 (or 10).

I found casting Fireball to be quite unsatisfying as its just……its…the same fireball my IMP casts! However at level 8/9 or so I found a taste for Arcane Missiles as it was something new and dealt reasonable damage. Though I still didn’t feel very malevolent. Still a mage in training. Druny has yet to see the big spells.

Now the question is, should I go Fire/Ice/Arcane? Also, this video makes playing a mage seem UTTERLY AWESOME and I must be privy to it!

Perhaps I can get used to this “clean” sort of caster dps.

Truny the Warlock


Druny the Mage

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