Truny the Warlock on Things to Remember for Trial of the Champion

What’s so great about this instance and why do I keep talking about it?

Well, once Turby and Truny find their respective weapon upgrades, it will be over. No more ToC. Ever.

And with my bad luck, these two weapons will just never drop when I am on the toon that can actually make use of said weapon.

Once again I know I really do not need such marginal upgrades, but they ARE upgrades and I like to keep everyone the best that they can be.

This is actually a fairly selfish post. Why? Because as of late, Turby and Truny have been encountering many un-finished runs, with group members dropping after the first boss due to failage (that is a word). (Though most of the time they can find two groups that just blast through the instance in under 20 minutes NOT including the intro) Said marginal upgrades drop from the last boss. See the problem here?

Ok now shut the hell up and cut to the chase. If you are thinking of running Heroic Trial of the Champion for the first time, please note that this instance is a tough heroic.

Things to Remember:

  1. Make sure you are adequately geared. (I would have to say, more than 75% of your equipment should be ilvl 187 or higher. I don’t know, that is just my standard.) None of this green crap, and none of this level 76 crap. Why? Because what it all boils down to is that this is a very healer intensive instance, and the last boss is a DPS race to your death. No matter how good you are at your character you are only limited by the maximum amount of numbers the numbers on your equipment give you. Think about that. (If you are adequately geared but are not pulling acceptable numbers then, go work on it and do not even TOUCH this instance, wasting a lockout for others)
  2. STAY OUT OF THE *FUC_ING* POISON CLOUDS. Right after jousting, the party engages three faction Champions. One of them MAY be a rogue. Ranged people, stay at range as they have a Fan of Knives which leaves a poison. The rogue will also throw poison at you, this is unavoidable. The rogue also drops POISON CLOUDS that are avoidable, MOVE THE HELL OUT OF THEM! If you do not see a green gaseous substance during the battle with this boss you may consider adjusting your video settings.
  3. RUN THE *FUC_* AWAY FROM WHIRLWIND! Again, after jousting, the party engages three faction Champions. One of them MAY be a warrior. The Warrior has a nasty whirlwind attack which I have only seen a handful of melee NOT get killed by it. Since I own no melee classes, I can say that if he is in the encounter, pay attention to him while you are pew pew’ing away and RUN AWAY from his whirlwind! If there’s a Warlock or Hunter in the group, we don’t care that you are not dps’ing for a few seconds it doesn’t matter just run!
  4. Argent Confessor Paletress is annoying. Fear is annoying. AOE damage is annoying. It is in this fight where a lack of Stamina or Spellpower may be troublesome. The memory that she spawns occasionally fears the entire party which inflicts shadow damage. Also, the Confessor herself is standing there Holy Smiting people for what I see 6k. If you are the healer and can not take a few of these hits of your own while keeping everyone up, you’ll need more healths!
  5. DO NOT HIT Argent Confessor Paletress when the memory (giant shadow whatever boss) boss has spawned. She will reflect damage back at you. This goes for us pet owners too, make sure to switch your pet to attack the memory or it will just end up suiciding itself!
  6. MOVE OUT OF THE BLACK KNIGHT’S DESECRATION! On the third phase, the Black Knight drops a death-and-decay sort of AOE on the ground which inflicts I believe 2k damage per second and slows your movement speed. Get out of those!

Yes, it is at the point where just politely mentioning that “those poison clouds hurt, it may be wise to avoid standing in them as they are quite damaging” just does not work.

That is all I can think of for now. Perhaps tonight shall be the night to finish these trial runs, I think I have proven myself many times already. Or not. With my luck I will end up rolling an 11 anyways.

Turby and Truny the Weak Weapon Users

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