Turny the Restless Tree on Loot Drama

Turny grew up in dungeons. No, not IN a dungeon, but running them. Turny grew up real fast, and he had to. There are a lot of crazy people hanging out in the low-levels wreaking havoc and ninja’ing everything that looked shiny!

Razorfen Kraul was Turny’s err..turning point. Being a teddy bear tank up until level 28-ish, the current situation on his server was that there was a healer shortage in that level range. Ok, let us heal in feral mode. It does not matter really, just get some healing gear and roll!

Fast-forward 25 levels. Turny is now running Blackrock Depths over and over and over. It was fun and the drops were great which is a bonus!

This one run, the last DPS spot went to a hunter (uh oh), who apparently has returned to the game after a long duration and blah blah blah. Whatever.

Oh, this was one of those melee hunters by the way. Yeah, where the pet just sits unsummoned.

For the first wave of mobs in the Arena ring, Kang the Decapitator drops and everyone rolled Greed on it. Well, all but one of us. 3…2…..1…. hunter rolls Need.

(On the actual boss, this dropped but he did not roll for it….o.O)

Hmm…weird. This axe has NO useful stats, and the effect only procs when you melee…which is a no no right? Maybe he pushed the wrong button. And since the item is BOE, maybe we could have re-rolled and someone could sell it off.

He equips it.

And begins to hit things with it.

Dot dot dot.

“You know, that has no useful stats for a Hunter…” we said.

“Sorry, I just got overwhelmed when I saw it” was their response. *Continues to melee*


Ok fine, not very dramatic, since no one else really cared.

Moral of the story: Loot doesn’t matter. If you get it, who cares. If you don’t get it, who cares. (Unless it is a huge upgrade, in that case, said item should only be a small upgrade as your large gap in gear levels may make you a detrimental part of the group.) It makes no difference!

Turny Rejects

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