Cataclysm – What the heck omg? Warlock and Hunter Changes

Ok first of all: Whoa!

Warlocks around the world rejoice. No longer do we have to embarass ourselves, exposing our purple stringy soul-suck-finishers, and no longer do we have to keep an eye on the little number in the corner of our soul bags!

Apparently, our Soul Shard is part of our UI, making it a combat resource where we can burn up to three Soul Shards to boost various skills. Ie) Burn a soul shard, and your next Conflagrate hits for 500% more damage and hits everything on screen while your current demon multiplies to create an army, consuming the entire raid (jokes!)

This is very interesting. Not only can we hold more junk (*cough* cloth), but it adds a slightly more strategic aspect beyond “should I Soul Shatter, or shall I not Soul Shatter?”

Hunters around the world rejoice! Well, I know Turby is a happy Puppy collector now. Why? They removed our Mana bar!! Our mana bar is replaced with something we are passively familiar with: A Focus Bar. Yeah, the same thing as our pets! Just watch in the BM tree, our pet crits increase OUR focus regeneration!

I think this is great since it just feels more quick and fluid in battle when you see your energy come back rather than diminish.

And also…why did we use mana to begin with?

The last change I thought was iffy were the streamlining of stats. Removing ArP, Spellpower (huh?), Attack Power (what the?), and putting their equivalent effects into INT/STR/AGI, etc.

I don’t know. Seems dumbed down to me. Armor Penetration, sure get rid of that. Never even noticed when they started to spam us with it. But Attack Power and Spell Power? The more the better right? Perhaps they need to do this to balance out…I have no idea what (and I’m not for critical thought on Mondays). It shouldn’t be that hard to compare the relative advantage of one piece of gear over another with three or four variable changes right? Maybe not everyone’s an accountant…whatever.

What else did I see? Oh! Stamina is apparently going to add more health than before, so no more “plate envy” as wowinsider says.

Turby and Truny are happy as that is one step closer for to wearing plate armour!

Yeah…no focus today (but will have a focus bar in the future! Ah sorry) so I’m ending it here.

The full shpeal can be found at of course.

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