Turny the Restless Tree on: I Like Damage

Healing is serious stuff. Rejuvenation and some Lifeblooms on the tank, the occasional Wild Growth to top everyone else off and you’re good to go.

Sometimes, with those Really Good Tanks That Don’t Take Much Damage, Turny ends up refreshing HoTs just for the sake of it, jumping around with nothing much to do.

Turny has recently discovered that in order for his mana bar to even get close to the 50% to empty mark, two or three other people other than the tank need to be taking constant beatings! AoE splash damage for the win! (Standing in VISIBLE fire/poison/void zones/etc do NOT count, GTFO!)

So DPS, start misdirecting mobs onto yourself, start death-gripping, start pulling before the tank, it makes things much more interesting! HoTs are superior for multitasking!

Turny the Restless Tree – Waiting For His Parents to Stop Running H ToC.

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