Turny the Restless Tree is Scared

Turny has returned, having healed chain-dungeons (it was almost instinctive to say Chain-Heroics), from Azjol Nerub, Utgarde Keep, Violet Hold, and Drak’Tharon as a level 73 (then dinged 74) noob tree!

Now, running these instances via Pugging random dps is scary. Really scary.

Now do not get me wrong, all I do is PUG, as once again Kluptomania’s sole purpose is for the guild vaults. Which is another thing, where do other people store all their stuff WITHOUT a guild vault? I have five toons with filled bank slots and four filled guild vaults, and this is already selling most of the finds…anyways…

Scary stuff. Especially when there are a lot of new-to-Northrenders running around wanting to try out the two new entry dungeons: Nexus and Utgarde Keep.

You get to meet a lot of…..special people.

Prime Example: Hunter

I know I know, huntards and what-not, but up until yesterday I just…could not believe it. I was going to cry.

Ok fine, they did not cause any wipes (more to the fact that they could not possibly generate ANY aggro anyways..) nor did their pet (who was just standing around looking fluffy), but their itemization really scared me!

See, recount is just turned on by default for me and just sits nicely in the corner of the screen. It is great for Turby and Truny, but Turny does not really need it. He uses Omen because Truny wanted to see how much threat she actually generated but…otherwise it is still a habit to glance at Recount and realize I am healing.

ANYWAYS. It was at the end of Azjol Nerub that Turny glanced at the meters and saw…hmm..why is the green at the bottom this is wrong. Then he realized that “Oh, I am not a hunter right now, but…what the heck?”

250 dps. For a hunter? At level 70? A Survival hunter? What the f-?

Maybe he is having an offday with Viper left on, who knows. So Turny inspects him and goes straight to the weapons, those seem fine. The bow had STRENGTH on it, but it was still an okay level bow. (This was instantly decided as it looked like EVERY other ugly bow that are Northrend Quest Greens). How odd.

Ok off to Utgarde Keep! I need Kel’Seth’s head!

First few pulls Turny, jumping and prancing around with his “Rejuvs!” noticed that…an..ARCANE SHOT(??) came out of the hunter’s bow and thought “WTF? Survival with Arcane Shot?” I wanted to whisper him and mention that because the cooldown for Explosive Shot and Arcane shot was the same, always use Explosive and remove Arcane from his bar.

Inspect again. Talents. No explosive shot. “Oh…” I thought. Then I go to inspect the rest of his gear (yeah I tend to inspect one cause of attention problems HA!). Guess what I find? To my fellow hunters out there brace yourself. No seriously, do it now.

1) Expertise gear.
2) Mp 5 Gear. HOLY CRAP!
3) Spellpower gear. (Oh my god its for the arcane shot isn’t it!)
4) STR and SPI all around!

Aspect of the Cheetah was on. You want to bet that they were using level 1 arrows?

Forget it, the rest of the group was fine, afterwards I shall explain to them the beauty that is Agility and shot priorities and..spellpower.

So they did not cause any wipes and was probably enjoying their hunter which is completely fine and did not really read up on what stats benefit their character the most that is fine as well, and using a unique talent build is quite brave but just..don’t scare me like that again. Please.

Turny the Scared Tree

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