Truny the Warlock on WoW Skills

Do you ever see a “bad” player and wonder “what the hell are they doing?” You know what I am talking about, the melee hunter, the int heavy DK, the mage that casts one spell per fight.

It all boils down to the lack of information on their part. A quick google search on “hunter stats” or “mage rotations” will show one what is optimal for each of their classes. Also, it is also common sense. For example:

When Truny specced into Destruction, her one and only goal was to see what Chaos Bolt look like out of her own fingertips, that was it. (Hence the blog title picture). Now reading and choosing the talents on the way down the tree to Chaos Bolt, Truny knew which were more PVP focused, which would increase damage/utility and which would compliment one another. If one can read, this should be a piece of cake, no guides required.

Figuring out spell “rotations” was fairly easy as well. It is all about priority and the use of the word “rotation” makes me shake my head. Truny reckoned that, since almost everything was based off Immolate, she will cast this first always. (After Curse of Elements of course) What next? Well I remember seeing that Conflagrate hastens me by 30% so I shall cast that. What next? Well Chaos Bolt hits like a honk honk truck so let’s cast that. What else is left? Well Conflag is still on cooldown, and Chaos Bolt is still on cooldown, logically it boils down to Incinerate until they are off cooldown.

Oh! We found an element to WoW Skill, that is “Watching Cooldowns”. But wait, what about tanking and healing?

Well, tanking is essentially the same. It is prioritizing between your threat-generating abilities and also damage-reduction abilities. It is also in knowing the battles. Knowing whether or not to kite a certain enemy, to stand or not stand in a certain location, or to dodge certain attacks. The only experience I have in tanking was with Klupty, but only up to Utgarde Keep as he managed to fly to Dalaran and is now the Guild’s Jewelcrafting slave.

Healing? Well that’s simple. KEEP EVERYONE ALIVE! Keep the tank alive, and yourself alive and your favourite DPS alive. Choose the Warlock because healing tends to have a better effect on them. No seriously, healing “skill” is again prioritizing which spell to cast at any given moment. It is about knowing the fights, knowing how the tank operates (be them bears, holy shields, warrior shields, or DKs, or Demo Warlocks), and being aware of your surroundings. It is also predicting incoming damage, and which spell is optimal to counter it. Remember, the healer is there to heal Purposeful Damage, I believe that any damage taken that could have been 100% avoided do not deserve mana. (Turny does not believe this as he will happily jump and jump and jump towards the poor hurt soul)

Oh, we found three more elements to “Skill”, “Prioritizing Abilities” and “Knowing the Fight”, and “Staying Alive”!

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah The Unskillful!

So essentially the Unskillful will: Not watch their cooldowns, casting randomly. They do not prioritize what they cast, they do not know the fights (and never learn them I guess), and do not know how to stay alive. Sounds about right.

When you put it all together, it does not really take that much skill to be “skillful”. It is just Knowing What to do at The Right Time.

BUT WAIT! That only applies to PvE, what about PvP?

Ahh, if you are willing to shine in PvP you are almost guaranteed to shine in PvE (but seriously go read up the boss fight first!). Why? Unlike PvE, nothing is scripted, nothing is the same other than the ground you fight on. As your opponents change, your strategies to defeat them will change and this is where you really start digging into your spellbook to find that one spell you’ve never used before! PvP allows you play more reactively and to get a feel of “the real world”, rather than standing in one place spamming buttons. You need to move! Some spells do not work while moving! (On another note, Turny was completely unkillable at level 70 by people two three levels above him, go tree! But the level 79s tear him apart D= )

However, PvP skills are rarely judged by others since everyone else is busy fending or murdering (yes murdering!), whilst in a PvE environment they are all watching you! No just kidding, everyone is too concerned about themselves most like, as is common with this society, its the meters that are watching you!

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