Turby AND Truny on the Trial of the Champion Dungeon

Screw you. Seriously. This is getting annoying.

I log in and then wonder to myself “I wonder what will drop, maybe the gun will drop, but no look at all the hunters in LFG, but then maybe I feel lucky on this character..hmm…whatever I’ll stick to it”.



Did the daily clear of the Trial of the Champion a few days ago with Turby, and *bam*, the Spectral Kris drops and is needed by a spellcaster. Whatever.

Did the daily clear of the Trial of the Champion yesterday with Truny, and *bam*, the Gun that will afford Turby an upgrade drops. No one needs it, it gets sharded. Whatever.

Did the daily clear of the Trial of the Champion again with Turby, and the gun does not drop.

Sound familiar?

Having A’s item drop on B and vice versa ALL the time?

When will this end? I don’t want to run ToC again! It’s so easy, I just want to run around and .. MOVE! (And because I’ve collected all the necessary upgrades other than the fugging weapons HA so I should shut up!)

Also, I do not know why these mages and priests and every other class that can use spellpower and equip daggers are running H ToC. GTFO until I manage to roll higher than a 12 (please!). Super selfish but hey I’m just fitting into general public.

The Gun: Lower and Upper damage range increased. More agility. No Crit. Little bit less AP. More Stamina = good.

The Dagger: More Stam, more Int, a blue socket, 79 more spellpower, more crit, more haste. No hit.

Very good upgrades (so I can run people through SFK faster 你吹啊!)

Anyways, will try again today!

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