Turby the Hunter on Trial of the Champion – Crowd Control

You bet your ass I just used those two words. Crowd Control. It must have been ages since I have heard the words “want me to sheep/sap one?” since the days when Turby, the original Toon was just a wee hunter dungeon diving with (omg) four other people to down some elites!

See I guess when you are new, elites are scary. When you have not experienced the ultimate power that level 80 brings, it is quite a daunting experience to have a gold-rimmed monster attacking you and not the plate wearer. Sure, we would try to solo some group quest elites with our Puppies and Big Blueberries (oh, Hathnagma my dear Voidwalker where are you?), but dying in a dungeon is quite embarassing.

Remember the first time walking into Ragefire Chasm? At level 12? And going “holy F*ck they have 800 hp!”? And dying?

Ah yes, crowd control. See at level 80, more people of us are SO strong that in a one-on-one situation most classes can take down a single elite trash by themselves. Our spells and talents are SO strong, that we just kill and kill them all!

So… crowd control right? Trial of the Champion? What?

I know I know. Its use is quite limited. But, there is one place us Survival Hunters can use it. Well, any hunter really but it benefits Survivalists more.

You know the first phase of The Black Knight? Where he murders the announcer in cold blood right in front of your eyes? Where you then laugh and say he deserved it? And then you go and dance on his corpse? And then you wave to Thrall and wave to the excited audience? And when that announcer eventually is risen as a ghoul? Well, put a freezing trap or fire a freezing arrow onto his corpse. This way, right when the encounter starts you would have procced Lock ‘N Load (survival yes), AND reduced the amount of time that ghoul has to beat on your team.

Hey, its not much but it works.

*This may fail in that the ghoul leaps over the trap right when it spawns! GR!

Turby the Hunter

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