WoW Heads

Yes, heads. I have come to realize that our friendly quest-giving NPCs all share a common trait where they all love heads. (Hmm..)

Where do they keep all these heads? How come different people collect the same heads? How do my toons even know how to chop off someone’s head?

Turby likes to shoot things. I guess Puppy can help bite the head off, but there is no guarantee that he will not eat it.

Truny likes to burn things to the ground! And pre-Felguard, none of her demons can help her chop off a head!

Maybe, if these quests had objectives that co-related with each corresponding class.


Go shoot [so and so’s] in the face for me ten times, after you have killed them. Feed it to your pet.


Go burn [so and so’s] face off for me after you have killed them. Then burn the head, and the body, and the entire place down to the ground!


Go chop [so and so’s] head off for me after you have killed them. (THERE WE GO!)


Go bash [so and so’s] face in for me after you have killed them. Afterwards, sprout some foliage on their corpse just to add insult to injury. (Why? Don’t question it!)


Go shock [so and so’s] head off for me after you have killed them, just like Raiden’s fatality.


Go mutililate [so and so’s] face for me after you have killed them, then take a picture of it.


Go melt [so and so’s]face. After you have killed them.


Go do all those shiny weird effects on [so and so’s] face for me, it’s all the same. Blessing of Holy Sanctuary of Righteous Hammery Justice Indignation Rights.


Sever [so and so’s] head for me by means of a teleport portal, yes those can be used offensively.

Death Knight:

Go and Death Grip [so and so’s]head and- hey wait get back here, oh no that Dk is pulling aggro..oh- oh no there they go getting themselves killed and- oh I can’t look, their party has wiped again.

So yeah, heads.

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