Turby the Hunter on Loot Buffet Updates

Like I said, upgrades and drops and emblems and YUMMY!

I am not even sure how, I had not played on Turby for a while but when I logged in I realized he was really close to the magic 58 emblems for a T8.5 Helm! Yes, the Helm of Huntery Spike Death!

Also, running the daily heroic TOC, Turby got lucky with Marrowstrike..which is..a bonus I guess!
Now Turby has the 2-set bonus which “increases your damage of Serpent Sting by 10%”..what the hell? I guess for bosses that last longer than the duration of one sting….

Say hi to Turby and Puppy! (Showing off Marrowstrike as that is probably the best weapon I can get for a very long time lmao!) I also feel like I belong in Doom 3 rather than WoW with my metal spikey gas mask.

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