DPS for the Blind


Pwoosh-rawr-KaBoom-BOOM-BOOM-pew-pew-pew-KaBoom-BOOM-BOOM-pew-pe-uh oh “Aiyyy” *feigned death*

Mob: “What the hell, how’d he die? Had a stressful day I guess. Oh well.”



Fwoosh-*sizzle*-FWOOSH-*honk honk* BAM (Chaos Bolt hits like a truck)-fwoosh-fwoosh-fwoosh-bwahahaha-BURN!-*sizzle*-*Crack*

Mob: “What the hell just cracked?”

Warlock: “I shattered my soul in hopes of you hating me 50% less.”

Mob: “Well it is not working and it is NOT going to take me three minutes to get to you”

Warlock: *Teleports via Demonic Circle*

Mob: “I can still see you!”

Warlock: “….Aiiyyy!! AHHH!!!”

Mob: “The hell?”

Warlock: “I am feigning my death dammit! Uggghh ahh the pain!”

Mob: /ignore Warlock


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