Emblem Changes and the Loot Buffet

When I had first read about the emblem changes from the recent patch I thought “cool, now I can get a chance to see what the T8.5 helms look on my toons! And…they are going to be super upgrades!”. That was it, just to see the helms and upgrade from the rather lack of choices of helms for non-raiders.

Emblem Changes

And of course, I had read this information on various forums and of course, I love to read the comments and had realized that some people were furious about this.

By now we’ve probably all heard enough about it, but most of the complaints were along the line of:

1) We worked hard to get our gear (via raiding) and now noobs can get them just from farming heroics.

Ok, let’s take a look at this. How long does an average raid take? I don’t know three hours? How many pieces of gear will drop on average? I don’t know 30? No? More than ONE? Yes. (I remember seeing four potential upgrades just from one wing of Naxx)

Ok, how many emblems does it take to purchase ONE item, let us say of the Valorous kind as most people will probably not want any Heroic Emblem loot anymore. 25 to 60 emblems, on average 43 emblems of Valor to obtain a SINGLE item. With a good group, most instances take somewhere between 30min to maybe an hour and drop on average four emblems. So in three hours, one may be able to get in five heroics for a total of about 20 emblems plus one (for the daily).

As you can see, it takes a while to get one item, albeit the method in obtaining it is relatively easy. And by “working hard” is probably to say that it may be difficult to learn some encounters, and also difficult to co-ordinate 25 people for said encounter. But in heroics, though the encounters are much more simple, there are still certain fights that require say..movement! (Ready? Ionar and Loken, run, Giant Lady, get out of the shadows, Giant Stone guy, spread out, Other Stone guy, move out of spikes, Keristraza, jump/strafe! etc…)

It all boils down to how one decides to spend their time. As my example had stated that in three hours, five heroics may be ran, there are some people who only want to run one dungeon a day.

Also, why the term “noob”? Everyone who just freshly dinged 80 or does not raid and is not wearing raid gear but want raid-quality gear are noobs? No.

2) They do not deserve/need (my) all this gear!

Hello, why do I not deserve all this shiny new gear? There is now a system that allows us to obtain it so what is going to stop me from getting it? I do not deserve it because I have never taken a shot at some difficult raid boss? Does this make me a lesser player? Am I less skillful? If so, does it really matter? Truny had recently joined a Naxx pug, the first time ever setting foot in it and popped 2nd on the meters AND did not cause a major wipe AND learned the encounters from the instruction given to the raid (was also one of the last to die on Thaddius when some people just did not know how to run away). Is it players like me that are a threat?

We do not need this gear. Define need? We do not need to play this game at all. So what? What if I just WANT that pretty Bird-helm (pics to come!), or the deadly spike helm of deadly spikes for Turby the Hunter? It LOOKS cool, I value aesthetics over stats. Ever thought of that? Yes, in terms of stats I know I do not need ilvl 226 items for heroics, ilvl 187 is completely fine (yes I do have standards, no one should go lower), but the ilvl219 is so much PRETTIER and actually has COLOR or a PATTERN to it that isn’t FUCKIN’ BORING/REPETITIVE (*cough* yeah I’m talking about YOU every-single-item-from-level-68-to-80).

The Loot Buffet

Now on the other hand, I do find that the Trial of the Champion 5-man dungeon is a bit……..like a Loot Buffet. The normal mode drops ilvl 200 epics, ALL epics, and FIVE of them. And for once we see some fairly useful stats (aka more than just ONE bonus).

The heroic version drops FIVE ilvl 219 epics, weapons included. Now, what quality of gear is 219? I think it is Ulduar 10 correct me if I am wrong. Now a freshly dinged 80 can obtain Ulduar 10 gear right off the bat, which is great for jumping an ALT right into Ulduar but what of a non-alt?

Myself, I like the little progressions we see in our character, going from normal instances, getting fully decked out in blues, then throwing them all away from the heroic purples and the occasional VOA lotto. Jumping straight to 219’s is just…is just going to be the new thing I guess.

I guess in the back of my mind I do have the slight elitist thought of “now those actually bad players will have too much power within their nooby grasp, causing wipes even FASTER”. However, I know that the gear does not make the player, and 4.5k dps will just be the new standard and anyone only doing 3k are the kickouts. (AND..they only cast one spell per encounter anyways so nevermind all that!)

Buffet? Of course. Within the first week Truny had already ground out her helm of awesomeness (58 emblems of conquest) and some 219 upgrades, because she WANTED them.

Turby, is about 28 or 20 or 30 I forget, emblems away from his helm as well. If the gun from the new dungeon would drop, he would click “need” for the superior stats but would not “want” it because…it’s a stupid noisy gun with reused graphics!

Anyways…yes, even the design of the new dungeon is: Welcome all, have a seat on your war-worg whilst we serve you the bosses and you will be delighted that they are served with juicy epics. You don’t even need to MOVE (that much) in this new dungeon! They just throw the bosses right at you, and as they are downed a chest appears in the middle (where you are probably STILL standing) and voila!

Yeah lazy fat-asses its all good.

Truny the Warlock

Ps: I know the intro to the new dungeon is super long but it doesn’t matter as mentioned before, just think of it as a really long line-up to a really good buffet (*cough* yeah I’m talking about YOU breakfast-lunch-dinner-buffet-at-the-Wynn-in-Las-Vegas!)

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