Truny the Warlock on the Trial of the Champion

The lag had disappeared yesterday. Yay! What did Truny do? Run multiple back to back heroics of course! Now, even if the patch did not get implemented as quick as it did, Truny would still be running back to back heroics just for the Emblem of Heroisms for the lowbie epics (I guess that’s what we should call them right?)

ANYWAYS, after most of the party had slowly become locked out of every single instance possible we realized that no one had done the new dungeon yet! Excellent, let’s go try it out (and see how badly we die)

So from what Truny saw here is some useless information/tips:

Round 1: Jousting Champions

After being announced as up and coming Champions of your faction, three random groups of the opposite faction (1 boss, 3 trash each) will parade into the arena.

“Fuck, we hope we don’t have to kill them ALL at the same time”

Luckily, you fight them in three waves of three trash each.

Just joust them like in the stupid daily quests.

Once they are down, the three bosses joust the party. I would have to say to focus fire on one as they have about 300k HP and keep your damn shield up! Once you diminish their HP to 0, they will dismount and try to run to another mount (you can also run to another mount if you get dismounted and not get killed).

Before they can remount, trample them to the ground! We had discovered this accidentally I think from our random frantic jousting and seeing “Boss has been trampled” which I thought was freaking hilarious.

Once all three are dismounted and trampled, you fight them…normally!

The tank should grab all the aggro and oh yeah:

Everyone but the tank try to stay away from the goddamn gates where the enemies enter!

Kill them all. The three represent three random classes (Shaman, Rogue, etc). Kill the one that looks like its a healer.

Congratulations on your newly earned epic gear. One piece drops.

Round 2: Random Boss

We had to face off against Eadric the Pure, some pally type Draenai I believe (spell check). He comes with nine I repeat NINE trash mobs to begin with, all with 100k+ hp. Scared? Well after wiping on them we realized that: There were three groups, three each.

Each group comes with a Priestess (kill her first, she heals..but why are we killing Argent Healers?), a Monk, and a Lightbringer/Wielder.

Eadric now engages the party. He will occasionally cast “Radiance” which will blind you and damage you if you do not turn your character around. It is quite easy to avoid as there is a whole bunch of speech and the cast is three-seconds. He’ll also throw his hammer at a random party member for high damage but nothing special.

Grats on your second easily earned epic gear. Two pieces drops.

Round 3: The Black Knight

This dude has three phases.

Phase 1: Tank and Spank. He will also summon one ghoul which the party should burn down first as the Black Knight likes to cast Explode Corpse on his ghouls which do some nasty splash damage.

Phase 2: He will now summon a whole ARMY of these Ghouls. AOE them to the ground before they explode! Truny actually had to change into Demonology to make use of Metamorphosis’ Flaming Aura of Death! It is hard trying to CC all the ghouls and running away from them before they explode, and they seem to have random aggro so huddle up and AOE! Oh during all this, you are still fighting the boss, though once you kill the Ghouls you should be able to see him better o.O

Phase 3: Last phase. He will turn into those annoying spectres that hit super hard in Sunken Temple (remember those?) and essentially this is a DPS race between the party and the boss. He will constantly be casting a spell on each party member which stacks the amount of magic damage taken per hit. And of course, this spell…is magic damage so after about 15 or so hits most people would be getting hit for 15k or dying.

Congratulations on your last few pieces of epics. Two more epic pieces drops, one was a weapon for us. (WHY A GUN?) (Seriously we need more nice bows………)

Alas, Mail and Spell Power plate was dropping all day but Truny did get to upgrade her cape to this:

It’s Orange! OMG a WOTLK item that has…COLOUR?? Holy crap!

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