3.2 Emblem Changes – Its All Accounting

After my mini-rant yesterday I had come to realize, it’s not about who or why people are getting shiny epics like they are at an all-you-can-eat buffet, but it’s…the value of our existing system versus the new content has depreciated. Also, people need to realize that they are not special because in essence, we are all “equal” in the game.

The reason some people are mad, is because Blizzard altered space and time itself!

What the hell did you just say? Values? Bronze Drakes?

Think about it. Patch 3.1 brought to us Ulduar. When this patch was released, I am sure that most guilds have completed Naxx 25 and were just re-running it to gear up for 3.1. As you can see here, during this time-frame, Naxx 25 gear was probably the best in-slot and someone decked out in full end-game gear was well…pretty much at end game until the next patch. They have appreciated their gear to its maximum possible value.

As 3.1 hit, everything item pre-Ulduar depreciates in value. (This is of course in terms of stats, as I still love my T1 set) The depreciation term is relative to how long anyone has been decked out in Naxx gear to the start of the next patch. Now 3.1 came out so far out that most people were ready for the new gear, they were ready to give up their shinies for better shinies.

To make things more simple, say you are saving up towards buying a new car. It is a brand new 2010 model and there are only four in the city (*cough* I’m talking about YOU Lexus IS-F-back-in-the-day…sorry), ok maybe not four but a very limited amount. It’s nice, you buy the car first, you’re ahead of the game, it feels good to have this car whilst everyone now must wait for more models to be shipped in. By the time more people have it, you are already bored with this car and ready for a new one. Yes, essentially this a very materialistic.

Now, Patch 3.2 is a different beast. Ulduar hard-mode is I assume, way more difficult than Naxx 25 and by the time 3.2 hit, most people had NOT completed Ulduar, and had NOT received all their end-game shinies. Hence, not a lot of people were end-game pre-3.2 and are now seeing what they have been working towards depreciate in value before they could fully appreciate it. Time had been compressed, the rate at which the value of everything decreases has accelerated!

Same example again, you are saving up for that oh so shiny car and are so close to saving up that last $15k, and all of a sudden a mass shipment arrives, supply increases and prices drop (though only slightly) and now you are indignated that you are now not the “special” one. What you were saving up for is not so special anymore.

See, the car example is nice, however the one flaw is that even though there was an influx in supply, only others as wealthy as you would flock towards purchasing it. “Normal” people would probably not even care.

See what I am getting at? Everyone likes to think that they are unique and special flowers and everything is for them. There is no “I” in Team, but there is “me me me!” The truth is, you are not special. No one is looking at you. They do not really care what you are wearing (unless it is dreadfully distasteful) or what phone you have or what color or flavor your underwear is..err…

You should know from day 1 when you made your first toon and realized you will be staring at their BACK and is not distinguishable from anyone else that you are probably not going to stand out unless you were somehow bright pink and super massive no?

And really, there is not a class system in this game despite people classifying some players as “casual” versus “hardcore”. Are the “hardcore” people the wealthy folk?


Essentially everyone has the same access to every single dungeon/raid/event that is thrown out, it is just a matter of time devoted towards each item. So when the new patch arrived, everyone is affected. A non-raider who was thinking of raiding might appreciate the Ulduar weapons a little bit less just like everyone else.

Am I straying off topic? Well it doesn’t matter this isn’t an assignment screw you! Sorry *cough*

Truny and Turby of Kluptomania

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