Truny the Warlock on Infernals and Hellfire: False Advertisement

For the past couple of weeks I have been getting the “Authenticating” bug where I could not log in to perform my evil warlocky deeds. “Well, I will just wait” I thought, “hey! let’s rewatch the old cinematics!” As I rewatched these trailers, I realized we have been deceived about the Warlock class all long!

Original Cinematic:

Anyone remember this? If not, go see it now. Go watch The Burning Crusade one too.

Got it?

No? Fine, be lazy.

Well, in the first cinematic we get to see a really cool looking undead warlock with his *cough* INFERNAL minion! Wow! I did not even know that Infernals could roar! How come mine doesn’t roar? Why does it just look like any other elemental….? And how did he get it up that cliff to fight the mage? Infernals only last for ONE MINUTE! Whatever, at least we still have the Felguard. No worries.

The Burning Crusade Cinematic:

Fast forward a bit, and hey look! our warlock friend is back and this time he is trudging through what seems to be a swamp being pursued by some nasty murlocs! What does he do? With a wave of his hand a swathe of flames flow from behind him engulfing the murlocs and burning down all the trees around him. He then proceeds to create another wave of fire in front of him. This spell MUST be Hellfire! It’s friggin’ beautiful!

What does our Hellfire do?

Well, Truny stands in place with one arm raised like she is effing calling down Captain Planet while an orange pulse of GAS radiates around her, which also damages her! WHAT THE HELL? Where is the pretty flame? THAT stuff is not fire! The warlock in the movie had slow moving REAL flames while we get….burning gas??

Oh well, this spell is still good for suicide or burning the little bugs/rats in Stratholme I guess…

Ok calm down. Let us just…rework this spell? That sounds good. Do not remove it, I mean…suicide is still good! There is so much potential for this!

Here we go:

Hellfire will be our last instant cast emergency get-away spell. It will be damageful enough to be worth casting when on the brink of certain death.

1) A wall of flame slowly flows from the Warlock’s..finger? (I don’t know about you but Truny casts with her palms…) dealing 666-767 fire damage per second for five seconds to all enemies within 15 yards. Each tick of damage is reduced by 15%, and the effect is also reduced by 20% for each 3 yards the enemy is from the Warlock. 20 second cooldown (since spamming it would be way too strong even with the diminishing damage) (Should there be a movement speed reduction? Would that be too strong?)


Jeez let me explain.

Ok, a slow wall of flame is instantly cast where you are facing. Ok. This wall should be of ample width (unlike Shadowflame of course). It moves slowly, and will continue to move for 15 yards. It actually LOOKS like flames (like in the cinematic dammit!). Say an enemy is 0-3 yards from you and gets hit by it. It will then take 666-767 damage, then 666-767 * 80%, then 666-767 * 60% and so on until the last tick for a total of five. Now say the enemy is 4-6 yards away, then the base damage is reduced by 20% so they take (off the top of my head) 530-612 on the first tick and so on. Hence it is more useful to cast this when the enemy is right up in your face which is quite fitting for a Warlock as we appreciate all things deathy. Also, the damage is applied to the distance the enemy is when it is initially hit. (So fat ass mobs don’t get hit multiple times with stacking hellfire wall damage)

That was my practical example.

Now for the unpractical cool example.

2) A ring of flame swirls from the Warlock’s feet radiationg out 25 yards dealing 1,254 – 1,466 fire damage. All enemies hit will be affected by the Hellfire debuff which makes all fire spells cast against it instant cast. The Warlock will receive 50% of the fire damage it does against mobs affected by the Hellfire debuff.

Yeah right.

Truny the Deceived

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