Truny on Destruction

So yesterday we decided that “we want to see what Chaos Bolt looked like up close”, so Truny went and purchased this Dual Talent Specialization and pumped her points into her Destruction tree.

(And yes, with some careful camera manoeuvring standing in front of the dummies we created the new blog banner thingamajig, making it 5% more Warlocky)

Now who can say no to a Green Dragon Cero??

Off Truny goes to H AN, UK, and OK to test out her new toys thinking “those skirmishers and Dalrond or whatever his name is has no real aggro table anyways so I can at least let loose there.”

And that was true. And of course, personal damage was great! (No more Felguard cleaves!)

Except for normal pulls: Immolate, ok good, Conflag..and it crits…oh crap 58% threat already, uh oh gotta use that Backdraft! Chaos Bolt, crap it crit! 65% threat, ok still good, let’s Incinerate, 72% threat, uh oh, Immolate is ticking, 85% threat, oh crap its attacking me! Feign Death! Oh crap I don’t have it here! *Instinctively send in demon to grab mob* OMG where’s my Demon, OH YEAH, my Demon is my fuckin’ IMP! Oh no Imp come back, you’ll die! Soulshatter. Phew.

This is not good, a solution must be thought up before I actually get squished! (I felt real squishy without soul-link, and without my Felguard’s intercept)

The thing is, how did everyone else manage to let loose and not pull all the aggro, and manage to blast out (comparable damage to me until I had to stand still and not do anything) way more damage? Then I thought of how Turby does his damage, a steady stream of consistent damage. Though he still sometimes grabs way too much aggro from Lock’N Load but he has traps and feign death and misdirect at the beginning of every pull. (I have Soul Shatter in the exact same place as Feign death but it is not as useful)

Odd. Well, Truny then decided to wait and let the tank assume more aggro on the next pull.

Three, four, five seconds the mobs are already half dead. Ok let’s do this!

Immolate, Conflag, Chaos Bolt, WHAT it’s attacking me again? Shadowburn. Mob Dead. Phew.

Ok that did not work. Not only did I not participate in removing 50% of the mob’s HP, it still came after me. Was I targetting the tank’s target? Yes. I usually click on it multiple times during a fight so I would switch to whatever the tank was killing. I could use Rain of Fire, but that’s lazy (and apparently much stronger than in Demonology).

So on the third pull, Truny took her spell casting frenzy into moderation. Immolate, Conflag, Chaos Bolt, oh too high let’s switch to another mob, repeat. The first mob should be about dead by now, Shadowburn. The second mob I attacked is now ready for another Incinerate, Conflag, etc etc etc.

Also, Destruction-builds will see WAY…WAAY more five-digit crits than in Demonlogy. In Demonlogy, it will be the occasional Shadowbolt, and of course Soulfire when the mobs are below 35% health. Shadowbolt will obviously give five-digit crits in Metmorphosis form.

In Destruction, you will see them almost back to back. As I have typed many times before: Immolate, Conflag 10k, Chaos Bolt 12k, Incinerate 11k, and by now either the mob is dead or wants you dead. And of course, you do not have to wait until the mob is at low HP, which I was quite used to expecting some pretty icons to pop up when the mobs were low in health..but…nope. Here the consistent damage vs burst damage is very apparent. By the time I could cast those three spells, in Demonology, it would have been about three Shadowbolts and my Felguard’s hacking and slashing taking a much higher % of damage than my imp could ever hope to do.

After getting the hang of things, I found that Backdraft really catered to my impatient thoughts of “Shadowbolt won’t cast fast enough”, and it was quite fun burning things TO THE GROUND!

Truny Burning Things TO THE GROUND!

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