Truny the Warlock – Resistance Fail

“I won’t need it, I would be summoned to instances anyways”

Yeah right, most people wait around like asses waiting for summons and are YOU one of them? Thought not.

“Well, I get to enjoy the scenery them.”

Uh huh, Icecrown is ALL blue. Done.

“Well, I am not in a rush really”

Yes you are! You need more money, you have to do these quests on two toons and there is only so much time for it!

“Well, Turby can do it, he can farm materials”

Ore prices have dropped making herb-selling a more viable option.

“But…I like having a fat purse!”

Screw your purse! This is WoW, you can ACTUALLY make it all back.

“True. Fuck it.”

Having put off being a victim of the end-game money sink Truny realized it was inevitable and succumbed to her weakness, invariably becoming 280% cooler. (Also it sucks being the LAST person arriving for Chillmaw and arriving at Icecrown Citadel SIXTEEN DAYS after everyone has completed the quests) *Cough*

Turny (who is busy rejecting things in Dragonblight) is next in line for his 5,000 gold allowance.

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