A Commentary on Dungeons – Part 1

Ahh, the instances of WoW. Places for us to adventure with with a group of friends (or idiots), to hone our skills, and *omg* socialize and communicate with others!

Do you have a favourite dungeon? Or hate one so badly for whatever reason?

Ok let’s get started. Turby is now going attempt at giving his $0.02 for ALL of the 5-man dungeons in the damn game save for one (Acatraz /shakefist key), from the lowest level to the highest.

Ragefire Chasm
Who would have known? Underneath our peaceful home city is a fiery burning pit of evil fillled with troggs and demons? The first time Turby strayed into there as a level 15 Huntard his first thought was “holy fuck they have 800 HP!”

This dungeon however, is a great place to go practice the basic five-person composition, though at such low levels most of us do not have the tools to play their role effectively but then again..who cares? The pulls are a good size, and pats and random aggro are a go here!

Wailing Caverns
Who else fucking hates this place? I do. The caves and twists are sooo annoying! This is when we ask “if maps were implemented for Northrend dungeons, WHY NOT HERE??” The fact that you have to kill four dudes and triggering an event was pretty cool but this place is just a lot of walking! And why can’t our druids turn into friggin’ snakes??

The Deadmines
An awesome pirate ship and an NPC boss called Cookie? What more can you ask for?

Shadowfang Keep
My favourite dungeon of all time! I am not sure what it is about this place, but it just feels so…real. Maybe it is the integration of the outdoor court with the indoor halls and all the stairs and such that make it that good! It gives the level a real “3-D” feel..yes kind of weird in a 3-D game but unlike most instances that are just a giant sprawl of land, SFK is actually…dimensional. Perhaps it is the can’t-escape-from-this-haunted-house feel, just the overall design of this instance that makes running it over and over and over and over again actually enjoyable. Or maybe because you can murder innocent horses.

Blackfathom Deeps
I had discovered this instance by accident at level 20 whatever. If it were not for some guard at the crossroads who told me to go to some post in Ashenvale that led me to another guard that told me to head towards the water on the west side, I would not have even thought that an instance would be located here. I remember how the nagas outside of the instance were chain-aggro pros. Who knew death-mermaids had such good vision?? One notable point within the dungeon was that…wow there is a part where we have to swim! I fuckin’ hate swimming! It’s slow! Turny was fine, he could turn into an ugly seal/walrus thing while Truny could Unending Breath herself. Turby on the other hand was…SLOW!

Stormwind Stockades
What the hell? I risk my life running through this confusing city to get to this dungeon and there is no loot at the end of the rainbow?! Whatever, free achievement. Hearthing.

Razorfen Kraul
It was here where Truny decided he would spend the rest of his days as a Resto Druid as it was near impossible to find a healer and he ended up healing in a feral spec (which worked fine at that level). Good loot, but nothing special.

Another one of those “oh crap this is one of those dungeon things isn’t it” moments comes to mind. So Turby’s engineering trainer (yes he was Eng for a bit) told him to sail over to Booty Bay and teleport to this amazing place full of gnomes and technology. “Sure, why not?” as I enter the teleporter and get killed by some crazy trogg. Hmm..the part where an entire wing of the instance aggros you randomly and you have to AOE like no tomorrow is always fun! The last boss fight felt pretty epic, perhaps due to the HUGE room that he sits in!

Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard
Not combining all four into one. I have one word for Graveyard: “What the f-, we’re done?”

Razorfen Downs
More piggies and OMFG there’s an awesome LICH as the end boss, again what more do you need?

Scarlet Monastery: Armory
A large courtyard full of mobs, and a long windy hall to the end boss packed with mobs. Free exp anyone? Herod’s axe is also the only weapon in game that can make anyone who can wield an axe spin! (Is this still true?) You can also poke his butt when he jumps….

Scarlety Monastery: Cathedral
Have a lowbie friend that needs quick exp? This is the place to do it. Fast access to about a gazillion mobs makes for exp bars jumping three..four bars in one shot. The lady boss has THE MOST OP sleep spell in the game and the pally bubble that her friend does is again, super annoying!! The loot here is quite limited however so they can just rot for that.

Uldaman is fun. Yes, one can simply get lost in its twisted caverns for days but the amount of things you see in there is worth the time. Here we are introduced to golems and more dwarves, and some titan’s daughter. Opening that door to summon her is so epic!

Ahh finally the trolls take the spotlight and ZF was a great way to show off how fun it is to kill trolls! The first time doing the stair event was quite daunting like “OMFG we’re gonna die!”, and also there’s a freakin’ GODZILLA in here!

The rest later!

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