Turby the Hunter – Vault of Archavon Lottery

About to go to bed last night, Truny was chilling near the AH in Undercity selling some weeds and drugs when a “LFM VOA 25” popped up randomly.

“Hmm it is late, I can go tomorrow.” I thought. “But I am feeling lucky”

“I’ll dps!”

Truny gets the invite and it took a while to get together a full raid. As the 20th person joined I thought “Oh crap, am I on lockout?”

Push “O” to check Raid info. Yes, apparently Truny still had nine hours to reattempt the lotto. Having just turned 80 she had been there once with not so stellar meter results.

Whatever, so I whisper the raid leader that I would switch onto Turby and off we go. There were three other warlocks already so it was ok.

Our first few attempts were really close, with the boss down to about 100k when a storm guard went kaboom on one try. Most of us were about to call it on the last shot, but…this last time went very smoothly.

I still don’t see it, but Turby’s average damage is over 1,000 dps higher than Truny’s (from the last time she was there). I guess pew pew is just that good over the slow and steady hits-like-a-truck shadowbolts (for now!). (Or maybe because Survival is to Destruction as Beast Mastery is to Demonology…considering respeccing Truny but I refuse to use fire!…)

So Emalon goes down and of course I am curious to see what dropped and “hey!” some pants!

Very interesting! Turby already had these pants along with the matching gloves which granted the 5% Puppy damage bonus, which I found only really benefitted being in Beast Mastery mode while doing dailies or running people through dungeons.

So the two hunters roll, and Turby wins them (duh why else am I writing this?), and we head off to do Archavon.

No Warlock gear dropped last night, so that was a relief. And I know that at least two Warlocks are locked out for it haha!

By the end I was so tired I did not even put the new pants on to compare the changes or gem them or enhance them (why do people NOT enhance their gear? More on that later).

We will see if Truny is so lucky today.

Turby with Ungemmed Pants

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