Turny the Restless Tree – Stolen Thunder

The Ring of Blood: The Final Challenge, we all remember this quest no? Located in Nagrand, anyone and everyone who has hit 65 will want to do this -fight lots of elites- quest chain to get their shiny blue item (I chose that for kitten form since I already had some other mace from..somewhere!).

Now Turny was a very excited tree, all the experience and money and glory!! The glory of being the champion of this….small impoverished ogre village in the middle of nowhere!

As the final battle drew to a close, it was exciting stuff..Turny had planned to branch-smack the last few hit points off the boss and become the ultimate champion…however…

RUNE WEAPON is victorious?? Darn you DKs! Even your weapons are inconsiderate!!

Turny the Thunderless

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