Truny the Warlock – Ridiculous Demands

Truny is utterly content with her Warlocky ways as of current; as long as Truny can kill, good.

However, Truny does have some ridiculous demands that will probably never see the light of day.

1) Warlocks should wear plate armor. You give us tanking abilites in Demon form, it is obviously an -oh crap the entire party is in trouble let me tell all the mobs that “You are not prepared” and pop into my increased armor form and burn them up- mode while being able to…uh huh taunt them and cleave them. Also, there are ALREADY plate gear with caster stats..pallies don’t need those duh!

2) Buffoon (my Felguard) and all Felguards should also get their own set of plate. Hello! It’s a mini-warrior who can intercept! I can not recount the number of times when he saved our squishies by stunning those damned spiders in AN. It shall be a well deserved treat.

2a) Devilsaurs can wear plate. Completely unrelated but Turby the Hunter is making a ridiculous demand here that his Devilsaur Puppy can wear plate.

2b) Druids can wear plate. Only resto druids as I do not play as a bear. Sorry, selfish. We can share the pally gear!

3) Warlocks should dual-wield. Staves. Want us to not feel as frail as mages? Give us two freaking staves and we’ll look like skiiers of deathbringing! Swords too, I like pretending to be a combat rogue. Pure RP demand.

4) Warlocks can summon multiple demons. Remember Hukku in Sunken Temple? (That is the right one right?). That troll is the GOD of Warlocks. I remember first fighting him as he summons…uh huh..THREE demons. HOLY F***! This troll instantly became my idol! So it will be overpowered, but the pet-management component would be THAT much more difficult.

5) Warlocks need more Shadow! Yes we know, I would prefer to have a bit more shadow-based spells. Yes rain of fire is really strong and cool but how about a shadow aoe? How about a spell like what Zalera from FFXII does? Though I would have to say incinerate is a really nice looking spell and is still on my castbar somewhere.

6) Warlocks want [Shadowbind]. What the hell is that? Well, hunters get wing clip (a skill that I wished my lowbie hunter had before getting her pet), Warlocks get [Shadowbind]. Ok what the hell is that? To prevent duplicating spells across multiple classes, what [Shadowbind] does is it tethers THE ROGUE (Ok, any class that gets too close) to the plane of shadow reducing their movement speed by 20% (yes just wait), but only allowing them to move within a 20 yard radius of where they are bound to (making Demonic Circle that much more useful).

7) Metamorphosis should be permanent. At level 90. Same with immolation aura. Never going to happen, would be thrilled if it did.

8) This can go on forever.

9) Demonic Devilsaurs should be implemented and be part of a Warlock’s arsenal. They also remain a jaw-dropping 25 feet tall height. I do not care if they can not join me in the auction house, go wreak havoc wherever you can fit. If King Dred can chase us out to the entrance of Drak Tharon, this is completely possible. Also, of course, it wears plate.

10) Ok I am done.

Truny the Demanding

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