Turby the Hunter – Ridiculous Demands

Oh god here we go again.

Turby, my hunter was my very first toon and essentially the reason I chose to be a hunter all boils down to this simple conversation:

“You should play WoW”

“Warcraft? Really? It looks weird”

“Yeah its fun man you’ll see”

“Can I have a puppy?”

“My Shammy (what’s a shammy?) can turn into a wolf…(why?)”

“No I don’t want to BE a puppy I mean can I have one like..walk with me?”

“Oh, hunters (what’s a hunter?) can tame wolves you should make a hunter!”

(Hmm wolves can have puppies!)


Now these are all demands based on a Beast Mastery perspective (Duh!)

1) Beast Masters are allowed to control THREE Devilsaurs at one time. Why? Because I have three in my stable (all named Puppy ><)

2) Hunters can wield maces and wands. We can equip every other freaking weapon in game why not just give them all to us? Also it adds two more categories of equipment for us to ninja.

3) Hunters can equip plate. Enough said.

4) So can our pets. Gilded-Moth of Death anyone?

5) Mend pet acts like Regrowth. Our solo-ing capabilities need to be EVEN better.

6) More bows please. Guns are noisy and I am not American. Also, the Troll Argent Tournament Gun makes no sense to be a gun, I thought our racial specialty was in bows?? Personal preference I guess, if I were to be a hunter in the wild I would be an old school hunter before the dawn of firearm technology.

7) If anyone over level 10 uses Raptor Strike/Mongoose Bite (I forgot its name OMG) more than FIVE times in any given battle, their account is locked (In a 5-person dungeon or Raid I should say). This one is iffy, for roleplaying purposes I like to stab things with my weapon occasionally.

8) Kill Shot needs an animation revamp. I am serious. Turby was very excited upon receiving this awesome new killer skill at…72/74 (??) and went a long to kill some deer in Dragonblight. Pew pew pew oh look the icon becomes active!


*Mob Dies*

“Wtf just happened?”

Ok whatever maybe I blinked let’s watch carefully!

Pew pew pew pew *Click*!

*Watches this weird red flimsy batman’s-projectile hit the deer*

“Ok..so this weird red thing is THAT strong? Ok. Whatever”

It should really look like this:

Ok I’m done, back to the real stuff!
Turby the Hunter

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