Pillars of the Dark Portal Usage Update

So I’ve gone through all of Flex Nighthold and the first quarter of Heroid Nighthold trying to saltily maximize the use of the utility legendary known as the Pillars of the Dark Portal.

Here are the following usage notes that I have on all of the bosses:

No need to jump around.

Chromatic Anomaly
When tanks run towards adds, its nice to be able to jump across the screen to continue casting here and also stick a nice Havoc on the Add.

Jump to cakes/feasts/bombs/back in for lasers mode.

Not much use.

Star Auger Eteresrus
I have no recollection of this boss, probably didn’t use.

High Botanist
Wasn’t there a big dark growing pool here? I used it to make a fancy getaway instead of just running.

Used to gate onto one of the fel flame ground things and or to get away when I have the ball of death on me to port way to the back.


Again when tanks run off to grab adds, can jump with them.

To fancily escape his death storm.

So far they are really upping my supposed survival rates, and definitely my coolness rates, but maybe not so much on DPS rates but meh who cares.

Will continue testing once Tomb comes out!

Truny the Pillared

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